Our Mission is to Design, Create and Share!

Public Art is a Bold Community Conversation

Led by Spark Contemporary Art Space, 315Alive! is a community-supported, “crowd-funded”, grass-roots initiative that’s spearheading an innovative, diverse and inclusive effort to spark more Public Art in and around Syracuse, New York.


Over the past 20+ years, Syracuse, New York has reinvented itself as a Center for the Arts, both among its more traditional, educational, and larger-scale institutional assets, as well as within its rising independent creative "street scene"… for many it has become a burgeoning Cultural Hub primed for lift off.  

315Alive! aims to push this envelope even further.


Although embracing and enjoying Art is often a subjective, personal experience, the Artists, facilitators, partners, sponsors and citizenry ought to be satisfied with the following results:

  1. The Murals are beautiful and makes the community happy / proud;

  2. The Murals are kept in good condition for duration of life-span;

  3. More building owners see value in supporting Public Art;

  4. It inspires more public / private investments in Public Art;

  5. Children and area youth are inspired to make more Public Art;

  6. It creates Positive News for the community;

  7. It initiates more walking and biking in the neighborhood;

  8. It shines more light on the positive effects of creative place-making;

  9. It continues to widen the pathway for Artists to earn a living making Art;

  10. It inspires our School District to adopt more Public Arts curriculum & programming.

*While these Murals hope to serve as a source of inspiration, many of these goals will need further development of leadership among community members, orgs and area schools.


  1. Define the parameters of the project;

  2. Identify (12) site locations and gather approval from each property owner;

  3. Chose participating artists / arts groups to render unique designs for each site;

  4. Call for donated materials, private giving & launch a “GoFundme” for cash donations;

  5. Present all site applications with designs and owner, community approval to SPAC on time.


I. TIMELINE: 12 - 16 WEEKS every Spring / Summer / Fall

II. LOCATIONS: Contract (at least) 12 select, approved sites within the greater metropolitan area.

III. ARTISTS: Open Call for project participation, all ages, all levels, with a focus on local artists / groups.

IV. MURALS: Actualizes a wide range of works of art, from historical murals to new, contemporary designs.

(*Long-term, rotating and temporary applications will be considered.)

V. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Project goals will be achieved through a multi-stakeholder collaboration with local property owners, business owners, artists, organizations like the Downtown Committee, CSCEO, CNYArts!, Believe in Syracuse, UNPA, Armory / Hanover / Franklin Square Assns., Adapt CNY (40Below) PATF, while working with the City of Syracuse, the Public Arts Commission, TNTs and other departments.

VI. FUNDRAISING: A call for community gifted cash contributions will be promoted and aggregated by a one month long “GoFundMe” crowd sourced fundraiser, while also seeking support from area foundations, as well as property owners, site owners, and other private sector donors.

VII. OVERSIGHT & MANAGEMENT: Spark Contemporary Art Space, LLC (w/ Alchemical Nursery, a local 501c3, acting as a Fiscal Agent).

VIII. BUDGET TOTAL: $30,000.00/ season

($10k from private foundations; $10k private companies; $10k from GoFundMe)

On average, complete murals can cost clientele +- $10 - $20 / sqft.

While we always maintain the desire to pay artists a fair wage and professional compensation for their creativity, materials and skilled labor, we are also willing to facilitate the creation of new works of art that include volunteer, student and/or intern activity. At the end of the day, since we believe in Public Art as craft and career, an ability to pay full rate for our artist stipends, fees and contracts is the main objective.

Year-round, a robust 12-16 week project schedule will be developed in accordance with each unique artist, property owner, community and site, each one having all approvals, insurances, materials, volunteers and equipment needed for the successful application of the new art.

The aim is for the artists to use high quality, exterior grade paints for good, clean finishes that pop and, with adequate funding, an added clear coat of protective cover ought to be applied to long-term murals.

IX. PRESENTATION: Spark Art Space will review, aggregate and present all final applications during Syracuse Public Arts Commission (SPAC) meetings at City Hall.

Public Arts Trust

Syracuse, NY is poised to consider developing a long term Public Arts Trust to fund the design, development and preservation of local Public Art. Join the conversation and follow our Facebook Page, and get in touch!