7 Round 2 Murals Approved!

On Tuesday evening, October 09, 2018, 315Alive facilitator Jacob Roberts presented three separate mural applications before the City of Syracuse Public Arts Commission, one of which included six (6) unique mural locations at its site. After a nearly two hour meeting at City Hall, the team walked away with 2 out of 3 approvals from the commissioners, with the third applicant encouraged to re-submit with some of the commission’s critique taken into consideration.

With Mural #1, our re-mixed Stearns & Co. “Yellow Fellow” Bicycle Ad on City Hardware (S. Geddes St), nearly in the books, we were excited to push our volunteer artists into the next wave of mural opportunities in search of our project’s extremely ambitious “12 Mural in 12 Week” goal.

With many potential properties to pursue, we honed in on three low hanging fruit that we thought would give the community the biggest bang for the (donated) buck: the alleyway behind Munjed’s Restaurant, facing Recess Coffee Shop on Harvard St. in Westcott Nation; the north facing wall of the Warren Street Garage, overlooking Lemp Park on the corner of Fayette St., Downtown; and a series of temporary works on the plywood areas currently encircling the former Sibley Building (ie. “City Center” / The RedHouse) on South Salina St. and South Cllnton St.

We are thrilled to announce that an original mural designed by local artist, Amiah Crisler, a rising star who’s only 11 years old, yet has already gained fame thanks to her street-painting award, and as the artist of choice for DinoMania at the MoST, was chosen as the work to be created on the Downtown Garage, while the collective design of nearly a dozen area volunteers was selected to be painted on the facade of the RedHouse / Sibley Building, right in the heart of our city. The piece we had submitted for the Munjed’s wall is currently being resubmitted for the next round.

Obviously, our capacity to paint these murals, outside in the elements, requires that we have temps and conditions that are cooperative for our team to be out painting. That said, we will be drilling down on which will be our dedicated “Paint days” over the next few weeks, while temps are still above 50 degrees (and dry), and will announce when and where YOU can help us paint!

Thank you ALL so much for your support and we are so grateful to be able to help beautify Syracuse with some lively, bold, colorful pieces of art in our shared, built environment.

~ 315Alive Team